About Us

Our History

1996 - Mohamad El Challouf founded a small Lebanese traditional malban and nougat workshop in Beirut; he started creating his own range of sweets utilizing the finest ingredients from the local market and insisted on applying the traditional methods mixed with his fondness of pure taste and excellent quality.

1997 - His overwhelming success established him an excellent reputation in the sweets market and by popular demand, led to expanding his range to include chocolate.

2002- One success after the other, he registered Challouf??? and since then, sky was the limit to this Lebanese success story.

2016 - 20 years later, Challouf has already established itself as a major player in the sweets industry, producing more than 500 tons (20 million bites!) of chocolate, malban, nougat and candies on a yearly basis.

Nowadays, Challouf has a national distribution network covering the all of Lebanon as well as an international network across more than 50 countries around the globe, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, Sweden, UK, and the MENA Region, not to mention its own showrooms in Beirut and Tripoli running under the Peyrano brand.

We proudly claim our success to, among other factors, our not so secret recipe of innovation, tradition, quality and trust: an innovative approach to creating our sweets, yet sticking to the traditional methods, our pledge not to compromise when it comes to quality and taste, and the unequalled trust of our faithful customers.

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